Post-tensioned structures

We mainly use 1–4 strand solutions for unbonded tendons and 4–31 strand solutions for injectable tendons. All products are ETA certified and CE marked with ETA verification. We utilise a wide range of tendon solutions that allows us to find the optimal design for the benefit of our customers.

We offer a complete service that includes structural solution consultation, site planning, and the delivery of materials installed and tensioned. Our service also includes the delivery of reinforcement and bearings ready-fitted.

All our tendon installers and supervisors are ETA certified.

We also offer structural optimisation for function and cost. At best, we have been able to reduce the number of tendons by over 40% compared to the original design!

We also offer Stahlwerk Annahütte SAS thread bars and ANP Systems strand anchors for rock and soil.

We also offer tendon force monitoring with load cell pressure sensors.

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Post-tensioning contract work
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Post-tensioning contract work
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