Building bearings

We use Calenberg elastomeric building bearings in prefabricated, cast-in-situ concrete structures and steel structures to control the transferring of loads and to protect the structures from deformation caused by concrete shrinkage and temperature changes.

The Calenberg bearings are lubrication-free, guaranteeing a long service life. The bearings can withstand deformation and supported torsion. Different variants are available with up to 120 minutes of fire resistance.

In post-tensioned and other structures cast in-situ, temporary deformation often requires bearings between the rigid vertical structures and the level structure. Temporary bearings allow controlled deformation of the level structure. Heim is a manufacturer of different bearing types for this purpose; their bearings allow for the easy machining of tie bar holes at the worksite.

Calenberg products for vibration, noise and soil protection

Elastomeric mats and bearings made of synthetic or natural rubber reduce rail vibration and improve wear resistance.

Noise protection
The versatile range of Cisilent products offers practical solutions from worksite noise protection to bridge sound insulation.

Soil protection
The OIL-EX absorption mat absorbs oil and prevents substances from entering the soil base in, for example, railway engine maintenance and storage areas.

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