Bars and steel reinforcement products

Naulankanta is the Finnish distributor of the state-of-the-art SAS thread bar system and steel reinforcement products for concrete.

Stahlwerk Annahütte, part of the German Max Aicher Corporation, is the leading global manufacturer of steel and thread bars. The steelworks have 475 years of history behind them, and their specialist expertise is trusted by many industries from car manufacturing to the construction industry.

SAS SYSTEMS products

  • SAS post-tensioning bars
  • SAS concrete reinforcement systems
  • SAS high-strength steels
  • SAS tie rods
  • SAS formwork systems
  • SAS tensioned rock and soil anchors
  • SAS rock anchors
  • SAS micropiles

Reinforcement steel

  • SAS 500 reinforcing thread bars and couplings
  • B500B rebar
  • B600KX rebar
  • B500K reinforcement mesh

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