Challenging projects emphasise the meaning of trust

Strict regulations and requirements and quickly changing schedules have a big impact on wind turbine projects. Naulankanta has delivered and installed rock anchors for several Suvic’s wind turbine sites – the successful cooperation will continue in the future.

The in energy construction specialised company Suvic has cooperated with Naulankanta in different wind turbine projects for many years. Suvic is best known for constructing wind farms and is one of the leading companies in its field.

Naulankanta has delivered and installed rock anchors for Suvic’s sites. The projects are demanding, which emphasises the meaning of trust and staying on schedule.
– We need to be able to depend on our partner to stay on schedule and stick to the agreed working methods, says Jaakko Norrkniivilä, design manager at Suvic.

Norrkniivilä emphasises the meaning of quality control and documentation in wind turbine projects.
– The strict regulations have a big impact on our projects.

According to Norrkniivilä, the personnel of Naulankanta was very professional right from the get-go.
– Naulankanta specialises in rock anchoring for wind turbine foundations, which was extremely important to us.
– Of course, the price was also a significant factor for our first project together,” Norrkniivilä states.

The cooperation projects have been successful. The schedules are usually very tight, and changes can come up abruptly.

– With our cooperation, we’ve been able to respond to these changes without having to compromise the end result. If there have been issues, they have always been handled in a professional manner, Norrkniivilä says.

The shared experience and high-quality end results are a reason to collaborate also in the future.